Yoga workshops with SomaRae Yoga

Yoga workshops are based within both  SomaChi Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga practices.

A yoga workshop provides the environment to establish and deepen many aspects of your practice that you can integrate back into your class or home based practice.
Each workshop is different focusing on particular areas of the asana and pranayama practices.

It is important within a yoga practice that we are also cultivating and practicing mindfulness / awareness, feeling and sensing our bodies, the chi/energy within our bodies and the space around us.
These workshops are a way for these deeper mind/body practices to develop further.

Having the space and time to explore these aspects of a yoga practice allows us to move away from ‘ mechanically doing ‘ movement into a fuller, expansive, grounded experience of being, embodying the yoga practices.

Yoga is also about ‘ being ‘ aware of and caring for our environment and all life. When we ‘ move’ with awareness of the space within and around our body we cultivate the qualities of spaciousness, kindness and a greater intelligence that acknowledges and acts for other as well as ourselves.

There are many beneficial, enjoyable and fun aspects to participating within a yoga workshop with Nicky.

Here is an overview of what can be included within a workshop

  • Establish and develop, refine and enhance the foundations within the asanas / postures. This includes alignment and technique, working with modifications and progressions of the postures.
  • Receive hands on adjustments from highly qualified teachers to assist in the deepening experience of the practice within your body.
  • Learn and deepen the engaging of your breathing/pranayama while synchronizing it within the sequences of the practice.
  • Learn foundational pranayama practices and establish awareness and confidence through breath practice
  • Learn precise breakdowns of variations of Vinyasa sequencing from the foundational / traditional  to the creative and then integrate this back into the overall practice.
  • Cultivate fluidity and grace within your movement of the postures and sequences while exploring the transitions between the postures as well.
  • Develop and continue to establish a flowed based yoga practice.  Exploring fluidity and Chi/ Energy in and around your body within movement. Discover how connecting to the ground from a feeling/sensing place is a foundation to these practices. Here we can also discover our own inner alignment through being open and creative within the structure of the practice.
  • Experience how to build Heat / Tapas within the body.  ‘In yoga it is important to establish intelligent ways to do this for many purposes. One is to warm up the joints and muscles from deep inside the body so that the muscles can melt into the postures rather than to be pushed. Another is to notice that as the heat and energy increases so does your focus. Through these experiences we continually come back to ‘listening ‘ and focusing more to what the body and energy is saying.'  – Lianne Metcalf
  • Developing a greater awareness of your body and mind and how you move. Through kindness and acceptance of ourselves as we are can allow us to experience greater wellbeing mentally and physically. We explore this through fun, light heartedness and humour while still enjoying the challenges both physically and mentally.