Private Yoga Session

SomaRae Yoga is offering One on One and Small Group Yoga Sessions.

Private yoga sessions are for Everyone. They are a way to begin or advance your yoga experience.
People who are new to yoga, more advanced practitioners, who have therapeutic needs or someone who has an interest in exploring yoga can benefit from one to one or small group yoga sessions.
Within these sessions you develop and practice to your individual interests and needs within your own pace. Practitioners gain deeper insight, understanding, and focus after private instruction.

Common reasons as to why you may include private yoga lessons as part of your practice:

  • If you are new to yoga and want to begin establishing the foundations of a practice at your own pace.
  • If you are starting out within group classes and you would like to support that development with personalized teachings.
  • These sessions can assist you in deepening your existing yoga practice, focusing on specific areas.
  • They are a way to develop a Home Yoga Practice.
  • If you are wanting to learn modifications within the asana ( postures ) to support any physical requirements.

An outline of what is included within a yoga session:

  • Experience a yoga practice developed to your body, interests, and your abilities.
  • Receive hands on adjustments within the asana practice assisting you in your discovery of traditional yoga postures.
  • Receive a yoga booklet of foundations for your yoga practice which also supports a Home Practice.
  • Mat and props are provided.

Prices vary depending on duration of a session, location within Melbourne and number of participants.
Sessions can also be held within a studio space in South Yarra.


To inquire or book into a Private Yoga Session please email Nicky at or call 0410 291 826.


With private instruction you can deepen your practice, gain confidence, answer questions, receive personalized guidance, and hands on adjustments tailored to your individual needs.

Private yoga instruction allows for teacher and student to build a working relationship while examining and identifying specific needs and co-creating a practice that addresses individual goals. Private yoga instruction is a great way to begin, return or advance your yoga experience.