About SomaChi Yoga

SomaChi Yoga is a Flowing style of Yoga which has been taught since the late 90’s.

SomaChi combines Yoga with Tai Chi & Taoism, Somatics and Buddhism to experience a vibrant, active and uplifting fluid yoga practice cultivating ease and grace.

The combination of Yoga and Tai Chi, emphasizes flowing movements. The influences of Tai Chi are evident in the movements and the transitions of the SomaChi sequences.

Our minds expand into ‘ Feeling and Sensing ' the body moving through space so we are more precise and alive within the practice.

SomaChi encourages practioners to find and trust ground for support in bringing one into relationship with space, the qualities of spaciousness.

"This practice can be a meditation in movement – igniting our experience of the present" ~ Lianne Metcalf


Each class is based on foundational SomaChi sequences for participants to build a regular practice with variations from week to week for variety of movement and expansion of practice. You will experience theming within the classes. Modifications and progressions are offered to meet individual needs. Nicky’s classes are accessible to different ages and varied physical capacities. 

We start where we are for a joyful and explorative yoga practice where we can be curious about ourselves as Body, Mind & Energy.


Drawing on the teachings of Pema Chodron :
"We can learn to relax, soften and open into more spacious ways of being"



"Soma literally means the ‘ alive ‘ body. It is this aliveness we want to embody. This is the depth of SomaChi Yoga."  ~ Lianne Metcalf


"Chi is life force, energy. It is this life force that animates us – it is the nectar of life. The word ‘ energy ‘ translates into the eastern words Chi ( from Chinese ), Ki ( Japanese ) or Prana (Indian)." ~  Lianne Metcalf


Lianne Metcalf founded SomaChi Yoga in the late 90’s. The development has stemmed from Yoga – Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, Vajrayana Buddhism, Somatics, Tai Chi and Taoism. The main physical practice is influenced by Yoga and Tai Chi, whilst the mind practices are within Buddhism.

Lianne established the SomaChi Yoga School in Melbourne in 2004 when the first 200hr Yoga Teacher Training was held. The teacher traning continues to be offered yearly (go to www.somachi.com.au/teacher-training for more information).

The SomaChi Yoga school is accredited with the international body Yoga Alliance .


SomaChi Lineage

SomaChi has a rich lineage of Vajrayana Buddhism, Somatics  - Dr Julie Henderson and Tony Richardson , Tai Chi and Taoism, and Yoga – Tirumalai Krishnamacharya,

There is a great respect and acknowledgement for these traditions.