About Nicky Rae Davidson

Nicky Davidson’s wish and intention is for people to establish a practice of movement that supports an energetic, strong and healthy body while developing a mind that is both focused and also open to exploring experiences of feeling and sensation for greater awareness.
Quoting Lianne Metcalf,

Yoga is so much more than asana, it is an art form and a science"


Nicky believes that when we include enjoyment and fun with the way me move it not only encourages us to continue but also we integrate the benefits of the movement more fully within our bodies and minds.
She sees in herself and others that friendship and kindness for ourselves including our bodies can be cultivated within movement such as yoga.

As we care for others we naturally care for ourselves.
As we care for ourselves we can care for others."


Curiosity, and a passion for energetic practices, drew Nicky to Tai Chi many years back. From there, she progressed to Somatic Tai Chi which teaches that grace and ‘energetic intelligence’ are natural qualities one only has to rediscover. In quick time, Nicky became a Somatic Tai Chi Assistant, then built her skills over four years. During this period she also worked as a vegetarian chef, even finding time to write her own recipe book, ‘Creative Vegetarian Cooking’ while building her Vegetarian Cooking Class business.


In 2004, she qualified as a SomaChi Yoga Teacher, to which she later added certification in Somatic Pilates. A career change soon came and she gave up cooking to devote herself full-time to SomaChi.
Since 2001 Nicky has been practicing and studying Buddhist meditation and philosophy which continues to this day under the direction of Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche.

Her love for energetic practices also led her to participate within Zapchen Somatic retreats with Dr. Julie Henderson. With Julie’s blessing Nicky has continued to include within both her yoga classes and private sessions some of these Zapchen Somatic practices for well-being.


Nicky is a senior teacher of SomaChi Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga has been teaching since 2004. She has been practicing under the teachings of Lianne Metcalf since 2001 who she completed her Yoga Teacher Training with.
She has studied within trainings and workshops both in Melbourne and overseas with many other yoga teachers throughout the years and has benefited especially from Shiva Rae’s Vinyasa Energetic Alignment, Vinyasa with Cyndy Lee and Tripsichore Yoga with Edward Clark.
Nicky has found it quite wonderful to learn and expand with others however her heart continues to rest within the yoga practices of SomaChi as she enjoys, appreciates and loves the essence of SomaChi Yoga.


Nicky has been teaching yoga within studios, fitness and wellbeing centres, corporate sectors through out Melbourne both within group yoga classes and also privately with clients.
For the past few years Nicky has been a teacher within the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at SomaChi Yoga Studio, Melbourne where she enjoys supporting others in their yoga studies.


Nicky’s in-depth experience allows her to offer yoga to all ages and at varied levels of movement to accommodate participants.


She invites people to experience the flow and grace that is SomaChi Yoga through these energetic and alive movement practices.